Ancient Rangoli Designs You Never Seen Before

Sikku kolams are very well known types of kolam. These kolams, famously known as rangolis with specks, are exceptionally assorted in their configuration. Sikku kolam is additionally a type of Rangoli that depends on the speck matrix method. Nonetheless, this method delineates bended lines joining or revolving around the specks on the kolam matrix. The principle highlight of sikku kolam outlines is that the watcher can’t decide the starting point and the end purpose of the kolam plan. It shows up as though the example proceeds in a vastness circle design. Hence, it is a significant troublesome type of kolam. The plans are simple rangoli design powdered rice or hued powder, utilizing the hands. The lattice of spots has a critical influence in making this symmetrical Rangoli plan.

Here we exhibit some Sikku kolam plans or Rangolis with dabs.



1. Sikku kolams are very mind boggling in nature, and need prepared hands to be done consummately. In the event that you need a basic outline to do at initially, here is an exceptionally straightforward sikku kolam that is precious stone formed. The speck lattice is jewel fit as a fiddle and bended lines have been utilized to make this lovely sikku kolam plan. The boundlessness circle example is seen here as it can’t be comprehended where the example has begun or finished.



2. This is an extremely normal state of Rangoli. It’s somewhat not quite the same as the regularly utilized jewel shape; in any case, it’s similarly lovely. The corners have two specks which progressively increment to sixteen in number in the center. Here as well, the example is very basic and not in any way swarmed. The endlessness circle example is apparent here.



3. Here as well, the example of the dabs is stretching out from two dabs on the top to eight specks in the center. The plan is basic with a significant present day touch to it. This plan is little and simple for learners to attempt.


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4. Here a 4×4 kolam network has been attracted the middle and a similar example has been rehashed on four sides to finish this plan. The 4×4 plan was done on every one of the sides of the Rangoli and the butterfly configuration was drawn utilizing basic bended lines. This outline is simple for fledglings and they can make enormous kolam plans with a similar example.



5. This Rangoli design takes after a “Chakra” or the sun. The outline is very one of a kind and unique in relation to standard sikku kolams. The example depends on the dab matrix with eight sides and meets at the middle. The outline is very confused with a mind boggling dab matrix.



6. This outline depends on a straightforward speck matrix with 1-11 spots which are jewel formed. The matrix is adorned with symmetrical bended lines which join to make this outline. The matrix here utilizations spots which are in line i.e. straight specks, making it simple to make and utilize.



7. This kolam configuration utilizes a 1-13 precious stone molded speck matrix with columns having odd numbered spots. The limitlessness circle design made, in view of the spot lattice looks lovely with bended lines.




8. This outline utilizes a precious stone molded 10-4 dab framework. The plan here is a Neer Pulli outline, and uses straightforward bended outlines to make the impact. The finishes portray flower themes which are loaded with shading.




9. This beautiful Sikku kolam utilizes bended lines of various hues together to make an appealing outline. This plan is very huge and an extraordinary substitute for the standard thing, dull one-shaded kolam. Green, blue and red-shaded bended lines are utilized here for the drawing rather than the typical white-hued lines.



10. This plan is very huge in size and in light of a framework of 1-13 spots. The dabs are not parallel and are aimlessly numbered. The outline here is very new and one of a kind. In any case, the example is simple and should be possible by novices as well.


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